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Could a Virtual Tour for Business Be The Answer For Reaching Potential Investors?

If you’re looking for new investors for your real estate project, you need to market your business model dynamically. This may include a virtual tour for business using blueprints of your commercial project. A virtual panoramic 360 tour will help you reach a global audience of investors with a single presentation. At Outer Realm, we believe that a virtual tour says more than words or still images. Here is why.

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What is an Interactive 360 Panoramic Tour?

An interactive 360 panoramic tour is the closest way to see a location without actually being there. It consists of a series of still photos put together to create a realistic, accurate view of a facility. Viewers can “travel” through the facility by clicking on different points in the picture. They get a close-up view of the area. Additionally, business owners can label different parts of the building, adding more information.

When presenting your business model to investors, a 360 interactive tour can help save time and money. You don’t have to pay for anyone to travel; you can present your business before the construction of the facilities begins. This speeds up and simplifies the investment process and allows you to reach more people than ever possible.

How Does an Interactive Tour Help?

Are investors more likely to remember your business if you use an interactive tour? Many turned to virtual tours out of necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the demand for virtual tours continues to increase. Statistics show that interest in virtual tours has increased in a variety of industries.

  • Consumers spend 5-10% longer on websites with virtual tours
  • Those who view a hotel listing with a virtual tour are twice as likely to book there
  • 2/3 of people want more virtual tours
  • Colleges that offered virtual tours saw an increase in applicants during the pandemic

If consumers prefer virtual tours, investors certainly will as well. If potential investors can see what your facilities will look like, they will be more likely to invest. They will know exactly what they are putting their money into.

How Else Should I Sell My Business?

Having a virtual tour will certainly make your presentation more memorable, but that is only one part of the process. Follow these other tips so that, combined with your virtual tour, you will create a presentation that no investor will forget!

  • Do investor research: Find investors who have a history of investing in similar projects.
  • Build your pitch deck: Have a presentation of 15-20 slides that give an overview of your business. Your 360 tour can be a part of your pitch deck.
  • Know your current numbers and show realistic forecasts: Make sure your numbers and forecasts are based on analysis and market data.
  • Tell a story: Be honest about your business’s strengths and weaknesses and show your passion to the investors.
  • Be clear about your goals: What exactly are you looking for from the investors? An investment? Partnership? Both? Include exact details about how much money you need to read, any funds previously raised, and how long you expect the funds to last.
  • Practice your presentation: Practice your pitch multiple times before you present to investors. Prepare for follow-up questions as well.
  • Maintain investor relations: Even if you don’t land the funding, you should still stay connected with the investors. You never know how these connections can help you in the future.

Find Investors Quickly with Outer Realm

Here at Outer Realm, we will give you and your investors a virtual tour experience they won’t forget. We create informative virtual tours that are just as realistic as being at the location in person. Don’t let time or distance hold you back from finding investors.

Contact Us Now, Email Us at, or Call (212) 655-4626 and get your business off the ground today!

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