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You Build Amazing Properties. 

We give you the best tools to visualize and showcase them to buyers and tenants.


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3.0 University Place Case Study

Using Outer Realm went from Zero to 4 Signed Tenants for New Development Before Breaking Ground. Anchor signed within 1 month of using our product with 3 additional leases signed between 3-9 months

“Unbuilt has become one of our go-to tools. It amplified our vision, gave the prospective client more of that experiential feel about what we're trying to create and it allowed our passion to come out around the project. So it's my go-to-tool for not just the prospects, but for stakeholders, city and state leadership as well...We went away from what I think is a broken marketing model in real estate and gave people more of a tool and an experience that they can remember.”


Anthony Maher, Leasing Director and Partner

University Place Associates.png

Read lease announcements for the first 4 tenants signed using Outer Realm tools before construction began:​

  1. Wistar Lease Announcement

  2. Ben Franklin Technology Partners Lease Announcement

  3. Baher Institute Lease Announcement

  4. Fulton Bank Lease Announcement

Tenants Screenshot.png

Lone Mountain Land Co Case Study

Christina Calabrese Headshot.png
Working with Outer Realm, went from no sales to a fully sold out masterplan community before construction was completed, allowing them to move to a phase 2 ahead of schedule. First home of Phase 2 sold before the first slab was poured. 

“At this point, we've pre-sold all of that first product that we worked with you on, as well as the adjacent townhome product. And those cabins were completed this year. The townhomes will complete at the end of this year. And now we're into pre-sales for our Lodge building. And at this point, we are about 25% sold out and we have a year left in construction.”


Christina Calabrese, Director of Planning, Lone Mountain Land Company

LakeLodge, featured in Forbes with Outer Realm images, 25% presold with 1 year of construction remaining. 


Convene Leasing Case Study

Working with Outer Realm, leasing teams are, “Having more conversations, closing more deals faster, and are more excited and feel more empowered."
Went from a 30,000sf pilot for leasing office space at their London location to engaging Outer Realm on all new openings going forward

“The most important impact is we're having more conversations and closing more deals faster. The ROI is very apparent for us if we close one larger meeting or one large work suite. That's it. That's the ROI for us. And hopefully, if we can do it sooner, that's better predictability and kind of more confidence in the property and the market overall. so the new strategy we actually rolled out is that we just added that to all of our budgets. So there's a line item for every new property that says, Outer Realm.”


Billy Fink, Senior Director of Marketing, Convene

Billy Fink Headshot.png
Suite 3 Bedroom.png

"We were able to sell it through the use really of the model you created and for the buyer to see exactly what they would get and what the views were like privacy and the intimacy of the spaces, as well as all the finishes that they totally loved everything about it. So now they are building the house for themselves. 


"I can point to a number of sales where I absolutely sold the property much sooner than I would have, or perhaps solely because of the virtual reality model."

Andrew Ernemann, Aspen Sotheby's Broker Associate

Sold a number of high-ticket homes "perhaps solely because of the virtual reality model." Including the highest-per-sq-ft record in Aspen, Colorado, an $18M penthouse property.

Aspen Sotheby's Broker Case Study


Read on inman how virtual reality contributed to the successful transaction for this record per-square-foot listing.


Background on Founder David Gull

Cornell University Logo.png
  • Cornell Architecture Degree with Prof. Don Greenberg (Pioneer in Computer Graphics)

  • 6 yrs @ Skidmore Owings and Merrill

Gull - Architecture Registration_white.p
  • Licensed Architect in New York State

  • Prior VP at Floored, a Real Estate Tech startup acquired by CBRE

CBRE logo Green.png
  • Delivered 1000s of Virtual Property Experiences ​​


Working with Outer Realm, You Get:

1. To close more deals even in a competitive market, with 1/8th the effort and at higher rates

2. Up to 4x Improvement of Conversion Rate on Listings Pages and Property Websites, Turning More Viewers into Interested Inquiries

3. Up to 2X Improvement on Closing Rate with Interested Tenants or Buyers, Turning more Meetings into Closed Deals

Old Way New Way Image.jpg

Working with Outer Realm, You Can:

Stop Blindly Accepting that Real Estate Transactions Just Have a Long Sales Cycle

Stop Paying By the Second or Image for Virtual Tour Content

Stop Wasting Time, Effort, and Money On Ads and Listing Promotions with Low Conversion Rates

Stop Missing your Leasing and Sales Goals and Not Having a Strategy to Change These Results

Inefficient Funnels.png

Wasted Time, Effort and Money with Poor Converting Content

Maximum Profits with Minimum Effort with High Converting Content

005_Open Work Area (North).png

Supercharge Your Close Rate Using Virtual Tours

The Unbuilt™ Tour Suite


1. Virtual Reality Headset Format

3. Video Flythrough Format


2. 360 Web and Mobile Format


009_Collaborative Working Area
009_Collaborative Working Area

003_Meeting_Room (North)
003_Meeting_Room (North)



4. 2D Still Image Format

008_Pantry (East).png

Close Deals with Prospects Using Life-Like Virtual Reality Tours When Meeting In-Person

1. Virtual Reality Headset Format






A) Guided from Outside the Headset On-Screen Interface

B) Mirrored to Screen to Maintain Guided Dialogue

C) Highest Quality VR Headset Experience

Data shows that a meeting with a tour has 2x the likelihood of closing as a meeting without a tour,

25% versus 13.5%

Aspen Property Experience Virtual Reality Showroom

  • Great for in-person meetings in HQ, sales suites, tour suites, empty white box floors, site trailers, experience centers, discovery centers, sales centers, events

  • Feels Life-Like, as if it already exists

  • Lets the prospect imagine themselves already occupying the space


2. 360 Web and Mobile Format

  • Interactive 360 Panorama Tours

  • Great for in-person meetings, group interactive tours, website embeds, links from email campaigns, links from LoopNet/Costar or MLS Listings

  • Works on Any Device: Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop

Interactivity in tours is a key element in making your funnel convert, generating up to 4x the number of inquiries, and doubling close rates on in-person meetings

91% Prefer Interactive Content - Demand

"91% of B2B buyers say they prefer interactive and visual content to static content, which helps engage them and feels like a personalized experience."


Capture Up to 4x Prospect Interest with Easily Shareable Interactive 360 Web and Mobile Tours


Convert up to 400% More Views into Leads or Inquiries Using Video on Websites and Listings

3. Video Flythrough Format

Hubspot - Video Preferred Format.png

This graph shows that a downloadable PDF - a format still used by much of the real estate industry -  is the least preferred content by today's standards, versus video which is the most preferred far. Hubspot Research

  • Guided video tours with labeled information and music overlay​​

  • Great for Linkedin/Social Media, listing sites like MLS and LoopNet/Costar, website embeds, in-person group presentations, email campaigns.

  • Works on Any Device: Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop

Video is key to increasing conversion rates on listings and websites, generating up to 4x the number of inquiries.

A study by international listing website Domain found that video increased listing inquiries by 403 percent.

Domain Logo.png
Lakeview_Video Embed.PNG

3. Video Flythrough Format


Use Traditional 2D Imagery to Round Out Content on Listings, Websites and Presentations

4. 2D Still Image Format


009_Collaborative Working Area
009_Collaborative Working Area

003_Meeting_Room (North)
003_Meeting_Room (North)


  • JPG or PNG Images that can be used anywhere image formats are displayed

  • Great for Print, Linkedin/Social Media, website gallery, email headers, Presentations, upload to LoopNet and MLS listing galleries.

  • Works on Any Device and Print: Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop

005_Open Work Area (North).png

Pricing for Unbuilt Package Varies by Project Size and Includes:

Virtual Reality Headset Format with Unlimited Navigation

 360 Web and Mobile Interactive Format with Unlimited Hotspots

90+ Second Video Flythrough with Unlimited Length

✔ 2D Still Images with Unlimited Angles

✔ Custom Built to Exact Project Design and Specifications

✔ Direct Project Manager Support

✔ 14-day Risk-Free Evaluation Period

Expected Value
Virtual Reality Format
Old Way Expected Value $50,000-100,000
360 Web Tour Format
Old Way Expected Value $30,000-60,000
Video Flythrough Format
Old Way Expected Value $30,000-60,000
2D Still Images Format
Old Way Expected Value $15,000-30,000
Old Way Sum Of Prices $125,000-250,000
Unbuilt Package
Unbuilt Way: Fraction of the price of this content the old way

14-day evaluation period from signing. Work directly with our team and experience our product, process, level of care, and attention to detail. If you decide at any point during the period to cancel, you can do so for a full refund if we can't remedy your concerns. 

005_Open Work Area (North).png


How long does it take to create a tour?

An average property takes 4-6 weeks. We can rush projects for a small premium, and larger projects
can take longer depending on scope. Every proposal will include an estimated timeline to produce.


What collateral or information do you need? Do you just need the CAD drawings?

We can work with whatever you have. Because our team consists of what we jokingly call "recovering architects" we have worked from as little as napkin sketches to representing every exacting detail from construction documents. At the start of each project we’ll send a “wish-list” request for information that includes 3d models (any format), CAD/PDF drawings, and specifications or reference imagery for furniture, finishes, fixtures, and appliances. 


What if I don’t want to use one of the tour content formats?

Totally fine. We provide the full suite of content for you to use as you see fit. The suite allows you to engage your prospect in any context, from web, to mobile, to print, to in person. Some folks choose to forgo using Virtual Reality, that’s fine. Because our software automatically publishes the different formats, the cost is in the production of the 3d Model Environment and underlying software authoring not the different formats. 

This sounds great, but how much does it cost?

Because each project is unique, we prefer to ask a few specifics and understand your needs before
giving you an exact price. For commercial office space, lobbies, residential interiors, and amenities, we keep it simple and price by the square foot. For exteriors spaces and unique spaces, we price by looking at the design, estimating our costs, and then factoring in our business margin.  Book a Call for Pricing


We’ve just updated our website, can this work with that? 

Yes, embedding our 360-tours or Video flythroughs on your website is super easy. We use something called an i-frame and your web-developer should be able to implement it in minutes. 


We’ve been leasing property for years without this, why should we change?

Recognize that change is critical to staying competitive. Just think about it this way; imagine a prospect comes to your pitch and you show them a 3-ring binder and a pdf presentation, and then they leave your pitch and head across the street to a competitive property that shows them a video animation primer, walks them through an interactive 360 viewer, and then culminates the pitch with a VR experience of the property. Which of those two pitches would you rather be? How important is it to you to stop losing prospects to competitive properties?

Doesn’t VR make people nauseous? 

Only if it’s poorly made. Unfortunately there are a lot of sub-par VR creators who have cheapened VR experiences with cheap hardware and poorly made experiences. When we create VR we only use the best hardware and ensure the models run at adequate framerates to prevent any nausea. 

Do you use Unreal Engine or Unity? 

For our Unbuilt virtual tours we have built our product on top of Unreal Engine, which allows us to achieve exceptional visual quality. We have built our custom controller user interface, tools for optimizing our scenes, and automation tools for publishing all of the content formats. We also build on top of Unity for specialized Augmented Reality experiences. 

Can you help further explain the ROI? 

In Commercial Real Estate, Securing a lease just 1 month earlier or just 1% higher rates is a massive ROI. If we extrapolate the data of the impact of interactive 3D tours on home sales, we can expect the average property to lease up to 30% faster and at up to 9% higher rates. Even if your results are a fraction of that improvement, the ROI is huge. 

In Residential Real Estate, selling out your developments, or condos, or fully leasing, before a project is completed completely changes the economics of your property, and can even allow you to do things like move into phase 2 of developments ahead of schedule, delivering returns to investors and raising new funds, or begin developing your next property sooner. 

For Brokers/Sellers in both Residential and Commercial Markets, providing Unbuilt tours as part of your services can provide huge ROI in helping you land exclusive listings, which ultimately provide a return sooner due to improved close rates and speeds. 

Will this work if my project is mixed-use? 

Yes, this will work for any new construction development, fit-out, or renovation.

I need a high resolution “Hero Rendering” for my website, do you provide that? 

While the 2D images output from our 3D Model Environments are high quality, sometimes you still want a super-polished high-resolution image. That’s great, we support the idea and have an excellent, well-priced rendering partner that we work hand in hand. We have a blanket agreement to share 3d models, and we hold the contract so you only have to deal with one vendor and contract.

Why wouldn’t I just have my normal rendering company create this content?

You certainly could, but they would charge you a la carte for each format. And we’ve also found that rendering companies aren’t capable of producing the interactive Virtual Reality scenes because it’s a different technology and production process that requires an entirely different skillset and software skills that aren’t necessary for 2D renderings. 

Can you work on international projects?

Yes, we can work on projects in any country. Our user interface can be customized to your local language with your guidance, otherwise it is in english. 

How do I justify the costs to my team?

We’re happy to help you understand and demonstrate the ROI if you share some of the basic information about your project numbers. In general, we’ve heard from our customers that the ROI is a total no-brainer. Of course there are certain economy or low-budget projects where the ROI is less substantial. 

Can we choose music backgrounds for the tours? 

Yes, we can pull from our library of music, or you can choose a track from premiumbeats.com at no additional cost. 

No one else in our region is using tours like this, how do I know it will work for me? 

The deal making pipeline process is region-agnostic. The reason these tools work are part of the fundamentals of people needing more certainty and clarity in the decision making process. Asymmetric returns come from being the only one in the region using better tools. If you are the first to use this sales technology, you will have a window in time to gain even better outcomes until your competitor’s catch on and start to imitate.

Since this is software, why isn’t it just a cheap license with published pricing? 

While we have used software to allow us to produce all of the different content formats without a la cart fees, we still require significant 3d modeling, texturing, and lighting effort which is manual by our production team, and there is significant time invested in interpreting design documentation and converting that into the final product, including 2 rounds of revisions based on your comments. The cost is a combination of that labor, and the underlying software benefits

I’m interested, but still have some reservations, is there a way to do a pilot?

While we can’t provide a free pilot due to the costs of producing the virtual model, we often start out on a small scope of work initially with a customer so they can see what it’s like to work with us and our technology. For example, with a large office landlord in NYC, we started by working on a small 18,000 sf tenant suite with them, and within one month of completing that tour they committed to engaging us to virtualize all of the vacancy in their portfolio over the next 6-9 months.

What Virtual Reality Headsets do you work with? 

Our software is compatible with all of the major high quality headsets. Oculus, Vive, Windows Mixed Reality. Currently, we’re recommending Oculus Rift S and Oculus Quest. 

Will you install the VR hardware for us?

Upon request we will prepare a turnkey virtual reality kit that has all of the components you need ready