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Your success is what matters to us. We understand that the media we create is a direct reflection of our clients’ properties and brands. Outer Realm is here to help you excel with photo-realistic visual assets that allow your single-family, commercial, amenity space, or other property type to stand out and make an impression. Over the years, we’ve provided our clients with powerful digital media that makes a real difference. Below is a snapshot of how Outer Realm has supported our clients and been a part of their success.

Case Studies

3.0 University

Using Outer Realm went from zero to four signed tenants for new development before breaking ground. Anchor signed within one month of using our product with three additional leases signed between three to nine months.

"Unbuilt has become one of our go-to tools. It amplified our vision, gave the prospective client more of that experiential feel about what we're trying to create, and it allowed our passion to come out around the project. So it's my go-to tool for not just the prospects, but for stakeholders, city and state leadership as well...We went away from what I think is a broken marketing model in real estate and gave people more of a tool and an experience that they can remember."

Anthony Maher
Leasing Director and Partner
3.0 University

Lone Mountain Land Company

Working with Outer Realm went from no sales to a fully sold-out master plan community before construction was completed, allowing them to move to a Phase 2 ahead of schedule. First home of Phase 2 sold before the first slab was poured.

"At this point, we've pre-sold all of that first product that we worked with you on, as well as the adjacent townhome product. And those cabins were completed this year. The townhomes will complete at the end of this year. And now we're into pre-sales for our Lodge building. And at this point, we are about 25% sold out and we have a year left in construction."

Christina Calabrese
Director of Planning
Lone Mountain Land Company

Convene Leasing

Working with Outer Realm, leasing teams are, "Having more conversations, closing more deals faster, and are more excited and feel more empowered."

Went from a 30,000-square-foot pilot for leasing office space at their London location to engaging Outer Realm on all new openings going forward.

"The most important impact is we're having more conversations and closing more deals faster. The ROI is very apparent for us if we close one larger meeting or one large work suite. That's it. That's the ROI for us. And hopefully, if we can do it sooner, that's better predictability and kind of more confidence in the property and the market overall. So the new strategy we actually rolled out is that we just added that to all of our budgets. So there's a line item for every new property that says Outer Realm."

Billy Fink
Senior Director of Marketing

Aspen Sotheby's Broker

Sold a number of high-ticket homes, "Perhaps solely because of the virtual reality model," including the highest-per-square-foot record in Aspen, Colorado: an $18 million penthouse property.

"We were able to sell it through the use really of the model you created and for the buyer to see exactly what they would get and what the views were like privacy and the intimacy of the spaces, as well as all the finishes that they totally loved everything about it. So now they are building the house for themselves."

"I can point to a number of sales where I absolutely sold the property much sooner than I would have, or perhaps solely because of the virtual reality model."

Andrew Ernemann
Aspen Sotheby's Broker Associate

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