Virtual Tour Company Outer Realm Wins Award from Silicon India Magazine! featured image

Virtual Tour Company Outer Realm Wins Award from Silicon India Magazine!

Virtual Real estate is growing and growing, and Outer Realm is leading the way! We are honored to be named SiliconIndia’s…

Virtual Real estate is growing and growing, and Outer Realm is leading the way! We are honored to be named SiliconIndia’s 2023 Most Promising Technology Company Founded or Managed by Indians in U.S. We stand out from other virtual tour companies by tailoring our approach to each customer’s needs and working closely with industry professionals such as architects, builders, and interior designers.

What is Outer Realm?

Virtual tour company Outer Realm aims to help you sell your property faster. In fact, we can sell your property before it’s even built! Our services include:

  • VR tours
  • 3D tours
  • Flythrough videos
  • 2D images
  • Interactive walkthroughs.

Each of these services helps showcase the property on a different platform, such as through email campaigns or on social media. This “all-in-one package” lets you create a variety of content with the help of only one company.

The Challenges of Selling an Unbuilt Property

The biggest challenge that Outer Realm faces is selling an unbuilt property. Since potential buyers cannot yet visit the property, sales are entirely dependent on VR showings. Outer Realm turns this setback into a superpower by using VR to show features that can’t be seen with an in-person walkthrough. Our interactive tours allow people to zoom in on every detail of the property and to view labeled information throughout the tour. Whether you are trying to sell a house to potential homeowners or show a commercial property to stakeholders, we will help you create the right tour for your clients.

How Do We Do It?

How do we make an accurate tour of a property that doesn’t yet exist? Dhara Patel, CEO of Outer Realm, tells SiliconIndia the secret:

“We follow a customized approach tailored to each client’s specific needs. We provide as many revisions as necessary and ensure a fast turnaround based on the client’s requirements.”

By working with architects and designers, our tours become exactly what our clients envision. We create everything according to client requests, from furniture placement to lighting. Additionally, Patel personally involves herself in every project, which ensures that no communication goes unheard. Outer Realm combines the team’s VR technology expertise with our clients’ design expertise to create a tour that pleases everyone.

Empowering Women in the Industry

virtual-tour-company-stemSiliconIndia recognizes Outer Realm not only for their outstanding use of technology in virtual tours, but also for empowering women in the industry.

“This exemplary accomplishment exemplifies the transformative potential of perseverance and enthusiasm, while also upholding the empowerment of women within the industry,” the magazine reads.

Women only make up 23% of the STEM labor force in the United States. By starting her own technology company, Patel is leading the way for other women to follow in her footsteps and decrease the gap in women in technology. Outer Realm understands the importance of having a diverse team that uses everyone’s unique talents and skills to create an exemplary product.

Sell Your Property Earlier with the Help of Outer Realm!

As a trailblazer virtual tour company that is also leading the way for women and immigrants in the industry, Outer Realm can bring your vision to life. No matter what kind of property you’re selling or where you want to show it off, we can create a tour that will sell fast! Call us at (212) 655-4626 or contact us online to start creating your tour today!

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