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Using Video To Make The Sale

Are Your Real Estate Listings Lacking Something? A Virtual Tour Of Homes My Be The Solution

All would agree that real estate is one of the most lucrative but competitive industries trying to attract home buyers. And it continues to grow in what many view as a “slow” economy. Buyers and renters are searching, and the Internet is the “go-to” source. But what they find visually can be a dealbreaker. So, how can you make that sale in an impactful way? A virtual tour of your homes’ listings from Outer Realm is a good start.

Did You Know?

“Real estate listings with video receive 403% more inquiries than listings without.”
National Association of Realtors

Why Video?

Time is Critical

While technology has been a game-changer for all industries, never has it been more crucial to making the sale. Most online users are used to getting the information they want in a matter of seconds. Time is important, and depending on images, no matter how beautiful they may be, can be a costly mistake.

Images are important in making that visually impactful appeal. But to show the property fully also requires displaying multiple images in their best quality. Great idea, right? Except this also requires potential buyers to scroll through these images taking much more time. And with the average website visitor spending only 8 seconds on a website before they decide to stay or leave, time is critical.

A great video can provide potential buyers, renters, and investors the information on the property you are trying to show in a timeframe that fits their schedule. With a video’s potential to capture an audience in a matter of thirty seconds to two minutes, website visitors can see the property’s best assets quickly without losing their interest or causing frustration due to endless website scrolling.

Video Provides The Most Visual Impact

Video Provides The Most Visual ImpactNot only is time critical, but you need to make an impression that is impactful, and memorable. Video is more than just images floating by, it’s a way to create an experience. A video showcases your property in a scripted way. It allows you to communicate the best your property has to offer through images, musical scores, and text, all orchestrated to emotionally reach your audience. To create a viewing experience that makes them say “, I need this.”

Even better, video, while making the most of your viewer’s experience, can help to close the sale. A video can provide that Call To Action (CTA) to assure that your buyer knows how to contact you while still in that euphoria of the video’s visual impact.

Video Is Sharable

Video is one of the most valuable sales tools you can use to reach a broad audience. With video, you can show your properties via your website, social media, email, and presentations. One video has so much travel potential. A good video allows your sales teams to present a visually impactful message anywhere and offers an opportunity for increasing qualified leads when used by your sales team.

Outer Realm Creates A Powerful Virtual Tour of Homes

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