Sharing 10 Video Tips For Capturing Your Holiday Memories image

Sharing 10 Video Tips For Capturing Your Holiday Memories

Happy Holidays From Outer Realm, The Chosen Real Estate Virtual Tour Company

At Outer Realm, as a real estate virtual tour company, we know the impact a virtual tour can have on closing a sale. Virtual tours have become an expectation for real estate agents, brokers, and developers seeking to get their listings or properties seen by the largest number of prospective lessees, buyers, and investors. And, while our videos have a commercial purpose, we wanted to share a few insider video tips as a gift to our readers to capture some magic of your own this holiday season.

New Christmas gift camera

  1. Remember capturing your family on video for the holidays is about making memories; it does not have to be perfect.
  2. Whether by phone or camera, always make sure you are prepared. Check that your battery is charged and you have a tripod if needed.
  3. If you are trying to capture that memorable family video, plan ahead. Choose a space that is visually appealing yet not distracting.
  4. Take a shot to check the lighting first.
  5. Get your video clips early in the evening at a party before people leave, and the celebrating gets in full swing.
  6. Working with that new Christmas gift – camera? Have some fun. Explore with a few “test video clips” before attempting that big family holiday portrait.
  7. If going to an outdoor event, make sure to check the weather.
  8. Children and pets don’t always have the best sitting still time; try adding a toy or treat to keep them in place a little longer.
  9. Remember, what is most important is capturing the magic; make the most of those “unposed” moments.
  10. Most of all…Don’t get lost in the technology of capturing it all. Make sure to enjoy being part of the magic.


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real-estate-virtual-tour-company-hatThe real estate market is competitive. Whether trying to close on a home or a large-scale commercial property, getting in front of potential buyers in an impactful way is critical. Outer Realm has built a reputation as a leading real estate virtual tour company helping clients to close the sale quicker, even if a project is still in the construction stage.  Let us help you show your listings in a personal, more engaging way to potential buyers.

Happy Holidays from Outer Realm!

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