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Real Estate Marketing Trends For 2023

The #1 2023 Real Estate Marketing Trend- The Virtual Tour for Real Estate

As we progress further into the digital age, trends, and marketing across all industries, seem to change and innovate quicker than ever. That’s why it’s so important to get in early and take full advantage to see the highest returns. Well, within real estate marketing, a new avenue has opened up – the virtual tour for real estate provides sellers and buyers alike with fantastic, new digital tools.

When our society switched over to remote work, online shopping, and more, it created the need for updated marketing. Unsurprisingly, and despite easing Covid-19 measures, many people still desire to get things done from the comfort of their homes. So, it’s only natural that marketing follows suit.

New Marketing via a Virtual Tour for Real Estate

New Marketing via a Virtual Tour ExplorationDuring these last couple of years, the use of real estate virtual tours has increased rapidly. Attracting more committed buyers, and saving time and money, virtual tours are a game changer, and sellers are seeing results. In fact, according to a report conducted by the NAR, over half of all homebuyers reported virtual tours as being “very useful” in the buying process, and that number is trending upwards.

Despite this, the majority of listings have yet to adapt to the increasing demand meaning now is the perfect time to get on board. Some ways that sellers are meeting the demand with updated marketing is through a real estate virtual tour company like Outer Realm are:

  • 360° Photo Tours
  • Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Flythrough Videos
  • 2D Renderings
  • Interactive Walkthroughs

A Life-Like Virtual Tour for Real Estate Can Boost Closing Rates

Being able to take a client on a tour of a property is a crucial step in the selling process. According to data, a meeting accompanied by a tour achieves an almost-2x closing rate (+25%) compared to a meeting without a tour (+13.5%). So, when selling unfinished construction or simply out of convenience’s sake, a property tour experienced through a virtual reality headset can be just the answer sellers are looking for.

360° Tour vs Interactive Walkthrough

Most people are familiar with 360° tours, but interactive walkthroughs aren’t as ubiquitous and thus are often conflated. Each tool, though, plays a particular role.

A 360° real estate virtual tour is perfect for in-person meetings, tours on tablets, and email campaigns. They provide a clean and simple walkthrough of the space, allowing the viewer to look around while feeling engaged.

Similarly, yet distinctly, interactive walkthroughs let the viewer pilot every inch of your project on any device. Furthermore, they present the viewer with interactive embeds that can be set to display additional information, photos and videos, hyperlinks, and audio.

More Doors are Opening with Social Media

virtual-tour-for-real-estate-planIt’s not some new secret that individuals and businesses all around the world use social media for marketing. With the advent of short-form video services like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook Reels, video marketing can be utilized more effectively. And sellers that take advantage of these apps are often seeing their sales double or even quadruple in some cases.

However, while some real estate agents find success selling homes through informal vlog-style videos, that format doesn’t always work. For commercial real estate, when professionalism is preferred, or when construction isn’t complete, it’s wise to contact an agency like Outer Realm to create the video marketing material.

A Virtual Tour for Real Estate is Proven to Drive More Sales

Because 2023 will continue to shift even more of our physical world to the digital space, sellers will have to keep up to meet people where they are. Let our experienced and innovative team at Outer Realm create a virtual tour for your real estate home listing, commercial property, or project. We perfectly tailor your VR tour to showcase your property and help you close the sale, even before construction is complete.

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