Preparing Your Property for A Video Shoot image

Preparing Your Property for A Video Shoot

Could a Virtual Real Estate Tour Sell Your Property Faster?

Preparing your property for a shoot is just as important, if not more important, as any other part of the process. The photos and videos that capture the space initially grab the viewer’s attention, and good preparation draws them in to learn more. Hiring a professional to clean and stage the property will garner more eyes and offers. Alternatively, for properties still under development, working with a company like Outer Realm to put together a virtual real estate tour will help bring in offers before the concrete is even poured.

Here are some ways to prepare your property for a video shoot that will certainly leave a good impression on your future tenants:

Clean and Declutter
virtual-tour-real-estate-declutterIt almost goes without saying, but if you spend enough time browsing listings, you will come across a surprising amount of photos featuring cluttered areas. Decluttering is priority number one when preparing for a shoot, as it will make the follow-through much easier. Putting things away and organizing all areas makes the property look cared for, spacious, and quick to clean.

Because high-resolution photos and videos are typically used to capture the property, it’s important to do some deep cleaning. Wiping down all surfaces, dusting the nooks and crannies, and commercially cleaning the floors will keep potential tenants and buyers focused on the space rather than any cobwebs, stains, or dusty countertops.

Did You Know…

Virtual Real Estate Tour Tip #1 
54% of Home Buyers will not look at a property unless it has virtual images.

Remove Personal Items
A big distraction to viewers is various personal items like family photos, pet items, distracting or offensive art, etc. When these things are left out, it makes it difficult for interested parties to envision themselves in the space. Create as neutral a space as possible to ensure anyone can imagine making the property their own.

Did You Know…

Virtual Real Estate Tour Tip #2 
50% Found virtual tours very useful in making their decision.

Lights, Camera, Action
virtual-tour-real-estate-lightsJust like a movie set or a theater stage, good lighting transforms your property. Depending on the type of property you are listing, you may want to choose warm lighting or bright white. Office buildings use bright, overhead lights to provide lighting to all areas evenly and keep everyone energized, while lots of housing opts for warmer, more comfortable illumination.

The most important factor when focusing on lighting is utilizing every window possible. Make sure the window curtains or blinds are pulled open and the windows themselves are spotless to allow every ray of sun to shine through.

Natural light provides a multitude of health benefits as well as boosts productivity. So, it’s no wonder people specifically look for ample sunlight when viewing photos and videos.

If your property is still unfinished and therefore not ready for photos, Outer Realm turns visions into digital reality with virtual real estate tours. Our expert team of 3D artists and engineers use specialized software to perfectly design and light properties so you can begin marketing as soon as possible.

Bring Your Real Estate Game to the Next Level with a Virtual Tour

virtual-tour-real-estate-graphic10At Outer Realm, our virtual tour content includes 5 formats as a packaged deal:

  • Curated virtual reality tour of occupying space
  • 360 virtual tours
  • Flythrough video
  • 2d renderings
  • An interactive walkthrough of your real estate space

With Outer Realm, you can work directly with our team to help achieve your virtual tour vision. Our goal is to ensure that you get to fully experience our product, process, level of care, and attention to detail given by our knowledgeable staff.

Contact Outer Realm today to bring your unbuilt space ideas to life with a virtual real estate tour!

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