Making The Most Of Your Property’s Virtual Tour

360 Virtual Tours Show Off Your Property In Style

If you are selling or leasing a property, you should consider using a virtual tour in your marketing. Many realtors and rental companies use virtual tours to reach out to potential buyers, so you want to keep up with the competition! Besides showing properties to potential buyers, you can use virtual tours in email campaigns, presentations, and on social media. If you want to include 360 virtual tours in your marketing, Outer Realm has your solution.

What is a Virtual Tour?

A virtual tour allows realtors and property owners to show off their property online, so prospective buyers can get to know the property before seeing it in person. Virtual tours can include

  • virtual reality
  • 360 virtual tour
  • Flythrough video
  • 2D renderings
  • Interactive walkthrough

Virtual tours work well in many situations where buyers can’t see the property in person, such as showing unbuilt properties and reaching out to out-of-state buyers.

Why Should I Use a Virtual Tour?

360-virtual-tours-keyringA virtual tour will help you sell a property faster, even if it hasn’t been built yet. If you don’t believe us, believe the statistics! The 2021 Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends Report shows that 58 percent of buyers say they want to see a virtual tour on a listing. This report also shows that less than 30% of listings use best practices in professional photography. So, if you want to stand out from your competition, you should include a virtual tour in your listing.

Where Can I Use a Virtual Tour?

360-virtual-tours-smartphone-diningIf you are selling a property, you can incorporate virtual tours into several aspects of your marketing. Different types of virtual tours work best in different types of marketing and to reach different audiences. A 360 virtual tour, for example, works best for in-person meetings, site tours, website embeds, and email campaigns. A flythrough video works well for social media marketing and can be used with a music overlay and labeled information. 2D renderings work well in site galleries, email headers, and print. An interactive walkthrough can be shared as an embedded link for shareholders.

Sell Your Property Faster with 360 Virtual Tours From Outer Realm!

Whether your property is built or not, a virtual tour enhances your marketing and helps you stand out from the competition. By including different types of virtual tours in different types of marketing, you can reach all potential buyers or stakeholders.

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