How is 360 Video Different From Normal Video?

As technology drives business, video continues to grow as the number one marketing tool. And one of the newest innovations that have taken the real estate industry by storm..

The 360 Virtual Tour, Why 360 Video Outsells Normal Video

As technology drives business, video continues to grow as the number one marketing tool. And one of the newest innovations that have taken the real estate industry by storm is VR 360 video. Unlike traditional or “normal” video, 360 video allows the viewer to experience a space in an immersive way, giving them a sense of being in the actual room they wish to tour. Outer Realm offers insights into what makes a 360 virtual tour¬†stand out from normal real estate video tours.

Unsurprisingly, virtual real estate tours using VR 360 videos are becoming more common and favored by prospective buyers. At Outer Realm, we are experts in helping real estate clients bring to life their properties in a dynamic, exciting way using VR 360 video.

How Does VR 360 Video Differ From a Normal Video?

VR 360 video is a type of video recording that captures a panoramic view of a specific location. Unlike regular video, which captures only what’s happening in front of the camera, VR 360 video captures everything happening in all directions. The viewer can turn in any direction and see everything captured within the 360-degree field of view.

360-virtual-tour-lights The significant difference between normal video and VR 360 video lies in the immersive experience. This creates a far more engaging real estate tour. With regular video, the viewer sees what the cameraperson wants them to see in a linear and directed way. With VR 360 video, the viewer (or potential buyer) is in control of their own experience. They can choose where to look, what to focus on, and what to ignore.

The 360 Virtual Tour Allows Buyers to Explore On Their Terms

VR 360 video helps create a more personal and engaging experience that is perfect for showcasing real estate properties. This level of immersion helps to create a lasting impression, making it more likely that buyers will remember the property and consider it for their next home or rental space.

VR 360 Video, The Perfect Real Estate Marketing & Sales Tool

One of the most significant advantages of VR 360 video is that it provides an exclusive opportunity for agents, brokers, and developers to market their listings to a broader audience efficiently. Virtual tours are much more effective than simple pictures and descriptions. They offer buyers or lessees across the globe to view a home, property, apartment unit, or commercial office space conveniently any day, 24-7.

Another advantage of VR 360 video for virtual real estate tours is that it can cut costs. Real estate agencies, like many businesses, are seeking to limit costs. Instead of scheduling multiple showings for properties, potential buyers can get a more intimate sense of what the property offers through a virtual tour. This helps to filter the average online visitor from the committed buyer. Real estate agents save time and money. In addition, VR 360 videos can be uploaded to websites and social media platforms for greater digital marketing outreach.

Outer Realm, The 360 Virtual Real Estate Tour Experts

If you want to market a property effectively, virtual tours using VR 360 video is a promising and game-changing feature that should be considered part of your sales strategy. At Outer Realm, we marry creativity, design, and technology to provide real estate clients with stylish, beautiful videos that intrigue potential buyers and sell properties.

Outer Realm, The 360 Virtual Tour Done Right

Not sure how to use video for your property? Need to draw interest while your properties are still in construction? Outer Realm can virtually create your living spaces so your units are sold even before completion.  Contact Us Now or Call Us at: (212) 655-4626. We have the perfect 360 virtual tour for your real estate needs.

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