How Do I Sell An Unbuilt Commercial Property?

Best Solution for Pre-Selling A Commercial Property-The Virtual Tour for Business

2023 may see big changes in the commercial real estate industry, so it’s important to get ahead of your competition. Many businesses are changing the way they operate in a post-pandemic world. These companies are looking for new places to base their operations, whether it’s a warehouse for their growing eCommerce industry or a modern office to entice employees to return to in-person work. This change in demand will result in the construction or renovation of commercial properties. In the past, real estate agents had to wait for properties to be built before they can show and sell them, but today, a virtual tour for business from Outer Realm can help sell your building before construction even begins.

Focus on the Future

 virtual-tour-for-business-blueprintJust because you don’t have a building yet doesn’t mean you don’t have anything to sell. Focus your marketing on the location of the building and the fact that it will feature brand-new amenities. Know your clients as well and show them how the building will accommodate their needs. For example, are you looking to sell a warehouse to a company growing its eCommerce business? Explain how the warehouse will help get products to customers faster. Are you selling an office building to a company wanting to return to work in person? Focus on the amenities and how the features of the office will aid productivity. What else will be near the building? For example, proximity to daycare centers will appeal to office workers, while closeness to residential areas will appeal to a grocery store.

The Virtual Tour for Business- Using Videos and Pictures to Find Potential Clients

In the past, the only way clients knew a property was for sale was by seeing a sign posted in the window. Now, you can sell a building before it even exists, thanks to social media and email marketing. By showing 2D renderings as jpg or png images in email campaigns and posting flythrough videos on social media, you can reach out to potential clients. Show clients how the building will benefit them and why it will be worth the wait. Label information in the flythrough video so that clients know exactly what they are looking at and can easily picture themselves doing business at the property.


Use VR to Tour the Finished Building

After promoting the property through marketing campaigns, you will need to do a more personalized tour for interested buyers. Thanks to technology, you can allow potential clients to tour a building before the first slab is poured. VR provides a realistic visualization of what the inside and outside of the building will look like. You can have clients tour the building using interactive tours or 360 virtual tours. Customers can even use it to take “measurements” and plan out where to put their furniture.

Are there ways clients can customize parts of the building, such as room sizes? Show them the different options and let them choose what works best for their type of business. If your clients like what they see, you can make a sale before the property is built and speed up the decision-making process!

Selling to Investorsvirtual-tour-for-business-infographic4

Not only should you be aware of what type of business will use your property, but you should also be aware of who else will be involved and benefit. Use VR to show the building to city or state leadership, stakeholders, and global investors. Show them how this building will benefit the area. Are you building a shopping mall that will revitalize the district? Workforce housing that will grow a new industry in your city? Take your audience on an interactive walkthrough where you can explore every inch of the space, letting them know exactly what they will be investing in. This will help speed up the decision-making process. You can even use VR in the planning stages of the process before you have a set-in-stone design, to find an architect.


Sell Your Commercial Properties Faster with a Virtual Tour For Business From Outer Realm!

Here at Outer Realm, we will help you sell unbuilt commercial properties fast using VR. From 2D renderings to detailed interactive walkthroughs, we will give you everything you need for every stage of the process.

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