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Using Guided Immersive Virtual Reality Tours for New Property Developments

Using Guided Immersive Virtual Reality Tours for New Property Developments

At Outer Realm, one of our core beliefs is in the power of Virtual Reality (VR) to bring visions to as close to reality as possible long before actually building anything in real life.

This is the power of room-scale immersive VR in real estate for property developers, landlords, and brokers representing properties, or architects and designers presenting properties.

However, not all VR implementations are equal. For example, one of the limitations of many VR products has been that only the person wearing the VR headset actually sees the VR world. So they hold the headset to their face and you, the presenter, lose the connection and dialogue. In real estate, you know how important it is to be able to curate and guide the buyers’ experience so that they fully appreciate all aspects of your real estate property and do not miss out on crucial details.

Self-guided VR tours can go awry. People unfamiliar with a property or unfamiliar with VR can easily go off-script, like heading to the basement when all you want to do is show them the pool deck and amazing views.

With years of expertise, and hundreds of live interactions from customers, Outer Realm has zeroed in on the real estate industry’s specific needs for a simple VR product that allows you the best of all worlds; to give complete, life-like guided and/or self-directed VR tours of a property before it is built.

To give the best possible VR presentation for your customers, our product ensures you can:

#1. Always see what your prospect is seeing. A TV or Monitor screen that mirrors the exact view that your customer is seeing through the VR headset.

#2. Focus on the exact spaces and tour you wish to show. Make sure to cover every inch and every detail of the space, that the customer might miss if they were to guide themselves. Return to specific key spaces for a second look. Prospects can advance themselves through these present points of interest at their own pace, or at your guided pace.

#3. Give the equivalent of a curated immersive PowerPoint presentation. Control the experience from the outside while your customer is using the VR headset, with clickable on-screen menus or keyboard shortcuts to advance prospects through each space or to different perspectives like a dollhouse overview. Essentially, you handhold them as you walk them through the virtual property.

#4. Assess your prospect’s level of comfort and skill. If you think they’re fully capable, turn them loose and allow them to freely explore every inch of the property.

#5. Use the same preset points of interest to generate an online 360 tour, similar to matterport, that can be shared simply through a web-link or embedded in your property website.

If you or someone you know is interested in seeing a demonstration of our guided immersive VR tours in action, email or call +1-607-237-5362 to learn more!

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