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Seeing Is Believing with Virtual Reality, Even Before It’s Built - Mention at

Think Realty, a leading real estate investing resources website, recently discussed how VR technology is making the impossible possible for real estate professionals, even offering the ability to walk potential buyers through a project that has yet to be built.

The article talks about how, in Colorado, Sotheby’s International Realty broker Andrew Ernemann and developer Aspen Starwood Properties faced a typical challenge: they wanted to showcase luxury properties that were still in development, but they also knew that their sophisticated audience would be unmoved by traditional renderings, videos and brochures. Their savvy potential buyers would want to search for undesirable features that might be hidden with selective camera angles. They’d want to “walk through” a property before making an investment.

And after much research, they decided on Virtual Reality as a solution and on Outer Realm as the product vendor with "extensive experience in luxury markets and high-quality virtual reality technology."

Read the full article at

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