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David's talks VR and Space Hotels at Immersed 2018 Conference

David Gull, CEO of Outer Realm, recently presented at the Immersed 2018 in Toronto. David's presentation, titled "Completing the Vision in the Pursuit of Speed", focused on the the power of VR and AR to help people and businesses bridge the gap between imagination and reality in order to accelerate progress. The presentation also included a real world case study of applying VR to help bring the world's first Space Hotel to fruition.

Immersed is a B2B conference where businesses learn how future computing can enhance their operations TODAY.

Watch the full video here:

Synopsis of the presentation

As humanity pushes the limits of what’s possible further and further with construction and frontier technology that just a few decades ago were science fiction - amazing architectures, space stations and space flight, self-driving cars, hyper speed ground transport and more - it’s more important than ever to get the alignment of and support from various stakeholders.

But people resist change, and in particular, things they don't understand. Innovation always faces challenges from people’s biases, lack of alignment or consensus, and lack of imagination.

In this session, David Gull, CEO of Outer Realm, addresses how VR and AR are helping people bridge this gap from imagination to reality through the lens of a real world case study.

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