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David delivers keynote at Virginia Tech, March 2020

David Gull, Outer Realm CEO, presented a keynote speech at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA on March 3rd, 2020, titled "Platform Shift: From 2D Screens to Spatial Computing"

As a Real Estate tech thought leader, David was invited to deliver his talk at the 25th Anniversary of the Property Management Program at VaTech.

The talk was very well received and led to a long Q&A session from the highly engaged audience.

"We had a great time with David. All technical elements fell nicely into place. Most importantly, he was really able to engage the students. After his talk, about 15 students asked questions. This level of participation is rare and it was wonderful to see that David was able to captivate the audience. I really liked that he had a demo of augmented reality for everyone to try out. Aside from the engaging technology, David included a question in his talk that really made the students think about their future career and how they want to be a force that shapes the world. He also tailored his talk to the property management topic and included examples that my students could relate to. Overall, he was the perfect speaker and fulfilled all the goals I had for the event."

-  Kelly Avery,  Associate Professor of Practice in the Virginia Tech Program of Property Management

Invite David to Speak


David Gull, the CEO of Outer Realm, is an accomplished speaker, presenter and panelist. He is available to speak on all things Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR).

David's insights are informed by his deep experience delivering over 500 New Development Virtual Tours to date. He has a unique combination of Design & Technical Expertise as a Licensed Architect and Technology Executive.

Specifically, David brings fresh and keen insights into how VR, AR and MR impact the human experience and add business value in the fields of real estate, virtual prototyping and physical demonstration of physical products, and in making enterprise visions a reality.

Prior to Outer Realm, David was a VP at Floored, a Virtual Technology startup acquired by CBRE. He also has 6 years at the renowned architecture firm Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill. 

David graduated top of class from Cornell University’s #1 Ranked Architecture Program. 

Select Speaking Experience

  • Virginia Tech March 2020 - Keynote speaker

  • ICSC RECon 2019 - Panelist

  • Urban Land Institute Technology Council (Presenter)
  • Digital Hollywood 2019 - (Panelist)

  • ICSC Nexus 2019 (Panelist)

  • Immersed Conference 2018 (Speaker)

  • Streaming Media West 2018 (Panelist)

  • Digital Hollywood 2018 (Panelist)

  • Keynote at Mars City Design VR workshop and exhibition (Speaker)

  • Digital Marketing in Architecture (Panelist)

  • Architecture Career Fair (Panelist)

  • Los Angeles VR and Immersive Technologies Meetup (Speaker)

Select Speaking Engagements

David talks VR and Space Hotels at Immersed 2018 conference in Toronto

David's presentation at the Immersed 2018 in Toronto, Canada, titled "Completing the Vision in the Pursuit of Speed". 


The focus of the presentation is on the the power of VR and AR to help people and businesses bridge the gap between imagination and reality. It also included a real world case study of applying VR to help bring the world's first Space Hotel to fruition.

David at Digital Hollywood November 2019

David speaking at the VR/AR thinktank panel discussion on creative visionary experiential content and technology. In this segment, he discusses how innovations and simplicity reduce user friction plus trends in the VR/AR/MR headset space that impact enterprise adoption.

Listen to the full session as a podcast here:

Episode's webpage
iTunes link

David on the Powered by the Future Panel at ICSC Nexus 2019

The panel was about how AI, VR, AR, Machine Learning, Digital Currency and Voice are speculated to shape the future of retail.

David was invited to share his insights as an expert practitioner and thought leader on leveraging the latest VR/AR technologies to reduce customer friction and predict behavior and preferences with big data.

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To book David for a speaking engagement,

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David Immersed 2018
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