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VR Presentations

of Frontier Tech

Life-like Presentations of Futuristic Ventures

Show your vision of the future, today

"We have a bold vision at Orion Span. Our challenge is sharing that vision in a compelling way with others. Outer Realm's Virtual Reality tool allows us to literally put people inside of Aurora Station, the world's first luxury space hotel, enchanting them with the dream of what spaceflight is really like. That it feels so real is key to showcasing Aurora Station to our customers, as well as answering key questions that might otherwise remain as hurdles to progress. Until our product is realized physically, I can think of no better way to showcase our vision."

Frank Bunger, CEO of Orion Span



Have you ever struggled to articulate the form and functionality of your breakthrough product? To build the future requires buy-in from a whole array of stakeholders. This includes external stakeholders like investors, partners, distributors, customers and the media. And includes internal stakeholders like product development and engineering, sales, marketing, and the C-suite.

But people’s imaginations are notoriously limited. You need a more compelling solution to sell your vision. A solution that gets you as close as possible to showcasing your product without actually building it.

Outer Realm's VR/AR Experiences not only showcase your vision in crystal clear detail but also make an emotional connection because they become more real and tangible. The nature of these experiences is also the perfect platform for storytelling and simulation, allowing you to present a clear and compelling vision to a stakeholder who is completely immersed and fully engaged. Additionally, virtual experiences are, by their nature, scalable and transportable; free from the constraints of bulky physical mockups.  ​

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