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How to strengthen your child's independence!

The child should be supported in finding a solution to each of his problems, help him, especially when it comes to writing homework. If, for example, he regularly forgets to write down his homework (which is pretty bad), it's more useful than punishment to give him ideas on how to deal with this problem. Use a notebook or stick a piece of paper to your textbooks, or ask a classmate to warn you that you forgot to write down your homework. For a younger child, the teacher may also write a lesson at the end of the day, and so on. Also, the teacher must and is obliged to help the child with the problem that arose when writing homework. If he refuses this, then it's okay, you can always use the services of the author of the essay (Bidforwriting) who will never refuse. If your child has a good idea, it is more effective to support and help him or her realize it. It is important for the child to feel that he is not alone, and that you can always expect help, not only from the author of the essay (, but also from you.

A child who is having fun cannot be "cured" of forgetfulness. Punishment, at best, will destroy his self-esteem and he simply will not want to write work. Rather, the goal is to make the child aware of the problem and find suitable means to reduce or eliminate it. We can add ideas and support if you are trying to make something yourself. If a child understands that always asking parents to do do my essay is not very correct, because in this way they will not be able to learn how to do the work on their own, which of course we expect from them, and feels support, he will find a solution on the third or fourth try, but he will still find a solution. And the next problem will be solved even faster if he is independent.

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