Finally Achieving Easy to Use Truly Immersive Virtual Reality

Finally Achieving Easy to Use Truly Immersive Virtual Reality What makes virtual reality (VR) experience truly immersive and effective? One key feature is “Positional Tracking” - the ability for the user to move and walk in the real world, and have that motion be tracked and translated into motion in the virtual world. This results in a life-like room-scale experience that can make the user truly feel like they are in the virtual world, and avoids inducing disorientation or nausea - something only poorly executed VR will cause. Positional tracking is also what makes top-of-the-line VR vastly superior to basic mobile VR (such as Daydream, Cardboard, or GearVR) which do not offer positional

Make Every Unit a Model Unit

Make Every Unit a Model Unit Imagine you’re searching for a new apartment. You visit a property that looked great on the website listing but when you visit in person with the leasing agent, every room you walk into is empty, and you struggle to imagine how it might look furnished. The agent points here and there describing various furniture layouts, and promises your dining table will fit if you place it just right. You wonder if the empty master bedroom will support your dream of finally owning a king size bed. Is this the right place to call your future home? Do you want to be tied up in a lease here? This can be a stressful and important decision. And it’s one I can personally identify wi

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