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Media Mention: How immersive spatial computing could transform the workplace

Outer Realm referenced in this recent article by HR World, How to avoid the hype around AI to build a more positive workplace.

"The experience of lockdown has enabled workplaces to really look at adapting their business model to a more flexible, autonomous working world, and now they want other technologies to enable better, more engaging remote working. According to digital strategist Richard Foster-Fletcher there may well be a positive movement towards Augmented Reality to enter the workplace.

He argues that while Zoom and Teams have played an invaluable role in the move to managing work during a pandemic, we all feel that the weight of many, many video calls can leave us tired and somewhat disconnected. He suggests there are business such as Outer Realm who are helping lead the platform shift from 2D screens to immersive spatial computing in the Real Estate industry and could now turn this type of tech into workplaces.

It is suggested that new information, that can be digitally layered onto our world and virtual business meetings, could evolve using face and emotion scanning technology to represent you accurately as an avatar in the virtual meeting space creating co-presence and connecting. The suggestion is that the mind reacts well to these, and an abstract avatar is just as convincing as a real avatar."

Follow the link to read more.

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