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Live Streaming 360 "Virtual Open Houses"

For real estate agents and leasing professionals who are showing existing homes and apartments using "virtual open houses" during the current shelter-in-place culture, we wanted to share some tips on how to up your game by live-streaming in 360 degrees instead of just using your narrow smart phone camera. This will allow the viewers of your live-stream to have a much better field of view, to see more of the property, allow them to interact, and allow them to focus on the parts of the tour that matter to them. While this will be an initial investment in some equipment you might not already own, we think it will be worth it for those looking to stand out and best serve the needs of the buyers and sellers!

This is an informational post only, to help our real estate friends in-need; none of the products here are made by Outer Realm (we do use affiliate links for products).

Steps to live stream in 360:

1. Buy an Insta360 One X camera "Real Estate Kit"

2. Use the selfie stick if you want to be visible during the tour. The viewer will see everything around you, allowing a great mix of your guided tour, and self guided views

3. Use a hat mount if you want just the home or apartment to be visible in the tour

4. Connect the camera to your phone (use the microUSB extension depending on your selfie stick length)

5. Select the Live Stream mode in the Insta360 application, and choose Facebook or Youtube as your live streaming platform.

6. Share your tour link and start touring! Live streamed links can also be shared after the live session has ended. For more tips on successful virtual open houses, read more at Inman here.

We hope this helps, if you need more detailed information, or have any new construction / unbuilt properties you're hoping to showcase, be sure to contact us.

Your Equipment List:

Insta360 One X Camera Kit

Optional Hat Mount

Optional MicroUSB Extension:

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