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Outer Realm’s Message on COVID-19

Please take the time to read through this message from our CEO.



First, thank you to all of our customers that continue business-as-usual with us and trust us to support your property sales and marketing efforts through this tough period.

We continue to work diligently, as always, towards our mission of helping real estate companies to succeed by sharing immersive, realistic, and compelling visualizations of their properties. Below is an outline of what we’re doing to help, best practices for VR hygiene, and how to leverage online tours during social distancing. We know that many businesses will be impacted in the short term; we also believe that those that continue to invest in their success will come out stronger on the other side.

What we're doing to help

  1. Donating Our Computing Power to COVID19 Research Our team is uniquely situated, with our high-powered computers, to put our computing power towards advancing scientific knowledge of Coronavirus. Using a program called Folding@Home, our team has committed to dedicating our spare GPU and CPU time to research tasks that can help researchers understand and eventually develop therapies to combat this virus.

  2. Donating to the LA Emergency COVID-19 Crisis Fund Although small businesses like Outer Realm are already feeling the impact of a business slow down, we have committed to donating 5% of net income through April 15th to the LA Emergency COVID-19 Crisis Fund to help our neighbors in need who will be impacted the most. Our customers who support us by maintaining business-as-usual to get through this period will directly support this commitment.

  3. Working Remotely

Our team has gone fully remote to minimize social interactions for the time being.

Best Practices for VR hygiene

Practicing good VR hygiene is always a good idea but more so now than ever before. Please follow these best-practices when giving any VR tours:

  1. Use impermeable wipeable face pads instead of the foam pads that come with most VR headsets

  1. Use alcohol wipes between each use to clean the face pad, and air dry for next user

  2. Consider using disposable single-use pad covers in addition to the above, such as these: Universal Disposable Covers

  3. Consider using Cleanbox as an added step for sterilization

Consider Non-Headset Virtual Tour Options

For in-person meetings, where you do not choose to use a headset, remember that our 360° tours are a great way to still explore and interact; the next-best way to tour without a headset. These tours can be shown in person on an HD TV with all the curated experiences and other benefits you would get from our immersive VR headset experiences.

For remote meetings, if you are not able to meet with prospects in-person, you can always embed your 360° tours into your website, or send via email or text message.

Additionally, for prospects who prefer a lead-back experience, video flythroughs provide a great way to quickly show a curated tour without the interactivity and can also be shown in person on an HD TV, embedded in a website, or sent via email or text message.

360 Tours of Existing Properties

Although we typically focus on new developments, we understand that customers showing existing properties may be concerned that they will see a decline in tours while people practice social distancing.

We also provide online 360 tours, captured using a 360 camera, for those of you who would like to offer interactive, immersive tours of existing properties. 360 walkthroughs engage viewers more than just photos and give viewers a more complete picture of the property.

If you are interested in capturing existing properties in 360, or have additional questions/concerns about how to address the use of VR/AR in the current environment,

please contact me at

Thank you,

David Gull, CEO

Outer Realm

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