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Make Every Unit a Model Unit

Make Every Unit a Model Unit

Imagine you’re searching for a new apartment. You visit a property that looked great on the website listing but when you visit in person with the leasing agent, every room you walk into is empty, and you struggle to imagine how it might look furnished.

The agent points here and there describing various furniture layouts, and promises your dining table will fit if you place it just right. You wonder if the empty master bedroom will support your dream of finally owning a king size bed.

Is this the right place to call your future home? Do you want to be tied up in a lease here? This can be a stressful and important decision.

And it’s one I can personally identify with. I’m an architect with 15 years of design training and thinking in three dimensions. This is my career. And yet every time I have moved, which was 6 times in the last 12 years, I realized I STILL struggled to visualize furniture in empty homes despite my expertise.

So imagine how widespread this challenge is among the roughly 40 million people in the US alone who move each year. Surveys show nearly half of these movers end up regretting their choice, wishing they’d chosen either a larger or smaller place to live.

The fact is that the current apartment touring process is broken. Tape measures, napkin sketches, and outlines of bed sizes taped on the floor are all half-hearted attempts to describe how a home could be furnished. Model units only represent one specific layout, and one resident’s furniture needs.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if instead, you were capable of magic? Able to wave a wand to instantly see the space fully furnished and be certain that, YES... this is my new apartment; it’s the perfect fit!

The last time I moved, I knew there had to be a better way. I dreamed of digital interchangeable furniture filling the space. But the technology wasn’t there yet. Then, years later, I tried Magic Leap’s Augmented Reality (AR) glasses. I saw a virtual dinosaur character convincingly interacting with my living room, and instantly something clicked. I knew we could now create the solution I had been dreaming of.

This is why we’ve built Composed, the world’s first virtual furniture staging solution using AR smart-glasses. Composed allows people who are touring apartments or homes to see real-scale digital furniture overlaid on otherwise empty rooms to help them visualize if that particular unit is the right fit for their needs. Here is a quick Gif of the product in action:

The setup to use Composed is easy for leasing professionals. It only takes a few minutes to virtually furnish an apartment or house from a menu of a furniture covering a broad variety of sizes and types. Once a layout is complete, it can be saved and reloaded instantly any time a leasing prospect wishes to see it. Additionally, they can try out different size sofas, dining tables or beds, and experience alternative layouts in real time to best suit their needs.

Other virtual staging solutions have used Photoshop to place furniture over top of images. While this could create content for a listing site, the prospect is left disappointed when they come for an in-person tour and the space they saw furnished on the website, is empty. They may even feel like they were mis-led.

With Composed, the home touring experience truly feels magical, and is a win-win.

Prospective tenants and buyers overcome their visualizing limitations and make better, faster, more informed decisions.

Leasing offices and brokers can convert more tours to signed leases, reduce vacancy in rental communities, and reduce time on the market for home sales. You don’t have to rent furniture and decor, and maintain a separate, physically staged model unit that equals foregone rental income.

Composed is the only tool that works in-person, in real time, inside the exact unit you’re touring, at full scale. You are literally making each unit a customizable model unit, so it’s much more real and tangible to prospects. We have purpose-built the product specifically for property tours, making it the only tool suited for this process.

Additionally, the MagicLeap AR headset, a cutting edge technology that most prospects will find novel and exciting, allows you to deliver top-of-the-line AR experience that will wow your customers and increase your prospect-to-tenant conversion rate.

Moving is expensive, stressful, and full of uncertainty; we’re here to help make it easy, fun, and even a bit magical.

If you or someone you know is interested in seeing a demonstration of Composed, our virtual staging solution for vacant units, email or call +1-607-237-5362 to learn more!

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