• David Gull

Don’t Just Show How a Property Looks, Show How it Feels - Article at Propmodo.com

Updated: Sep 15

Propmodo, a leading Real Estate website that examines how technology is changing the way we acquire, manage and use real estate, recently published a guest article by Outer Realm CEO, David Gull.

In this article, David discusses why VR is such a powerful tool to drive business and perception for real estate developers. David further presents his insights with tangible examples from a real life Outer Realm case study - the "Aspen Property Experience" in Aspen, Colorado.

Read the full article at Propmodo.com

"Don’t Just Show How a Property Looks, Show How it Feels" - https://propmodo.com/dont-just-show-how-a-property-looks-show-how-it-feels

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