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Software-as-a-Venture Service (SaaVs?): A Flexible business model to stay true to our mission

Outer Realm’s mission is to help enterprises bring about a better future. And we put this into practice by having developed a unique fee model, for certain exciting and promising initiatives, that aligns our incentives with the success of our enterprise customers.

How does our creative business model work? Outer Realm has expertise in creating very compelling immersive virtual reality (VR) software experiences of futuristic, ground-breaking visions and products that really help connect with the give  audience and motivate them to action.

As a result, we are approached by early stage startups with a big vision or idea, that will take time, effort, support, and funding to come to fruition. They want to use Outer Realm’s high quality VR solutions to help them articulate their big vision or idea to their stakeholders such as investors, partners, and beta customers.

However, this comes with a challenge - because early stage startups are just beginning their journey, they often do not yet have the capital immediately on hand to afford our VR solutions. If the startup’s big vision or idea resonates with us and is aligned with our mission of enabling a better future for society, we come onboard as a partner and align with their success.

We then help them bridge that gap by showing their vision to their stakeholders in a clear and compelling manner. And in cognizance of their early stage financial status, we have a unique business model that allows us to operate like a venture capital fund, except instead of investing capital, we invest our services. We take equity stakes in these startup companies in exchange for our product/service (generally with partial cash compensation depending on the company stage). We’re calling this, cheekily, Software-as-a-Venture-Service, or SaaVs. 

This is a great win-win model. The startups get to realize their vision and we at Outer Realm stay true to our mission. We believe so strongly in our product’s role in their potential to succeed that we’re willing to jump on board and it’s no secret we’re aiming for a strong potential upside.

If you’re an early stage company with a compelling vision for the future and interested in working with us, please reach out!

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