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New Technology Your Clients Need to Know About

As a thought and practice leader in the application of cutting edge technology (VR/AR) to real estate, David Gull, Outer Realm's CEO, was recently interviewed for an article at The Residential Specialist Magazine (


On Home Tours

"Home tours are critical. Because of scheduling and logistics, however, they’re also inconvenient. Buoyed by the advent of 3D cameras, virtual reality (VR) already is changing that, according to David Gull, co-founder of Outer Realm LLC, a startup that creates interactive VR-based tours of unbuilt properties.

“The more homes you can look at, the more comfortable you’ll become with what’s available,” Gull says. “With VR, you can very quickly view 50 properties and narrow it down to a short list of five properties that you can then tour with your [agent]. It’s not very different from what’s done today, but instead of clicking through 2D photos on Zillow, you can actually occupy the space.

On Interior Design

"Prospective buyers must see themselves living in a space. That can be difficult to do when the space is empty or poorly decorated.

“Other than cost, the biggest limitation to physical staging is that you’re stuck with a single design aesthetic. With virtual staging, the options in theory are unlimited,” Gull says. “That means someone could throw on an AR headset and say, ‘I want a beach-chic style,’ then have all the furniture automatically swapped out to suit their taste.

Read the full article here:

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