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Building Emotional Engagement with Tenants using Virtual Reality - Guest Post at

Outer Realm has a new guest post at , titled "Building Emotional Engagement with Tenants using Virtual Reality".

The focus of this post is about the importance of understanding the way people make decisions VR can help real estate companies connect with their customers' subconscious desires and needs.


"People are funny. They make decisions based on emotions and justify their decisions with logic. Well actually, it’s a bit more nuanced than that.

According to a Harvard Business Review article by Michael D. Harris, major decisions are made subconsciously, and these subconscious decisions are based on a deeply empirical mental processing system that follows a logic of its own. This subconscious/intuitive decision is then communicated to the conscious mind via an emotion. The conscious mind then searches for rational reasons, and that’s how we complete the circle: We justify our emotional signals with logical reasoning. 95% of our decisions, such as a major purchase, according to Harvard Business School professor Gerald Zaltman, take place unconsciously.

This understanding is critical when it comes to commercial real estate. While it is typically companies that lease commercial real estate, the actual decisions are still made by individuals. Connecting with these individual customers at an emotional level is key to winning their trust, motivating them to action, and yielding better results for them and you."

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