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Radical honesty in Real Estate through Virtual Reality

Technology is supposed to improve our lives. The internet is supposed to bring us closer together. Social networks are supposed to make us more social. Yet, we live in a time where fake news is everywhere. People distrust media. Images can be Photoshopped, videos can be edited, audio can be faked.

The Real Estate industry is not immune to distrust from prospective customers. A survey by Choice Home Warranty found that 67.5% of Americans don’t trust real estate agents. Residential buyers and tenants have developed a distrust for real estate photography and renderings because of frequent and gross visual misrepresentations of the property listings. Properties frequently are showcased using photographs shot with wide angle lenses. And photos shown are carefully selected view angles that hide undesirable features. Real estate is all about location and reputation, especially if one wishes to build a sustained business and brand for long term growth. How can this be achieved? Through Radical Transparency & Trust. Virtual Reality (VR) can help you be radically transparent and rebuild trust with your customers. VR helps you be as forthright, upfront and transparent as possible about your unbuilt property, by showcasing it in a to-scale, realistic virtual 3D walkthrough. As your customers experience an immersive tour of your in-development property, they can explore every aspect, every room, and every view. They can learn for themselves exactly what your descriptive words in your marketing literature mean, and understand first-hand how they feel inhabiting the space. That experience will have an authenticity and truth that pictures and words on a 2D screen simply cannot match. That experience will lead them to trust you and your offering more, and make them want to do business with you. To get an overview of what, immersive VR experiences for unbuilt properties are like, visit our website. But keep in mind, the best VR experiences have to take place in a headset, so be sure to reach out for an in-person demo. Email or call +1-607-237-5362 to learn more! Photo by Bruce Mars from Pexels

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