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"How VR Brings Real Benefits To The Real Estate Industry" - Guest Post on

Outer Realm has a new guest post at , titled "How VR Brings Real Benefits To The Real Estate Industry". The focus of this post is about how the tools available to represent unbuilt real estate properties have evolved from watercolor paintings to 2D computer renderings to Virtual Reality today, and why this is such a game changer.


"One of the first steps for a prospective real estate buyer or tenant is to get an accurate sense of the unbuilt property they are interested in. Specifically, what will it look like, of course. But also, at a deeper, subconscious level, whether or not it connects with them emotionally. They want to imagine how it will feel to actually occupy the property.

For the longest time, watercolor paintings were the primary means for property developers and brokers to showcase their new development properties."

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